Nav Gupta

Lead Designer

Building Design and Construction Expert

Nav, ANS project

Nav Gupta

Director and Lead Designer

A rich career spanning over two decades has given Director and Lead Designer, Nav Gupta, the opportunity to execute a diverse range of premium residential and commercial projects around Australia. Throughout his career, he’s developed skills across various areas of design, construction, project management and construction management, delivering high calibre projects to clients in Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville and Alice Springs.

With both a Masters Project Management and Masters – Architecture (DM) acquired from the University of Adelaide, Nav has both the skills and knowledge to complete entire projects from start to finish. Nav is also a Registered Building Designer- BDAA and Registered Site Supervisor (Two Storey Residential), adding even more depth to his already extensive repertoire.

He specialises in the design and construction of residential buildings, as well as commercial projects, including development projects. His skills include building design, end to end Project Management, planning and building permit approvals, Construction Management, including site supervision, contract administration and more! Nav meticulously designs every building using innovative techniques with sustainability in mind. He personally oversees the construction process to ensure every project is delivered as originally envisioned.

He’s built a reputation on providing premium, yet cost-effective solutions to his clients. He prides himself in providing exceptional customer service, while working closely with clients to bring their vision to life.